My Meaningful Media



They are my companions of commuting. They are my gym-mates that wind down my exercises. They are my alternative way to get informed when I want a different point of view from a source I trust. I am talking about podcasts.

Since I was a teen, I have always had a strong connection with radio shows. I used to do my homework while a couple of popular programs aired in the background.

Just as TV consumption is shifting to on-demand—allowing each viewer to build his or her own schedule—podcasts play the same role for radio. They allow me to catch up with my favorite radio shows in my constantly shrinking spare time and to discover something new that is available online only.

Monday and Saturday have become two of my favorite days of the week because three of my favorite podcasts publish a new episode then (two are about sports; one is about economics and politics). I can listen to them anytime, even when I am doing errands. One of the things I like the most is the freedom it gives me to multitask, as only hearing is involved.

My favorite sports-related podcasts (Vox 2 Box, Ball Don’t Lie, and Ater Albus) are not related to any media group, which means they are not following a “clickbait” mentality. Instead, they emphasize excellence of analysis, fuel interesting discussions, and suggest topics to talk about on linked Telegram groups.

Video may have killed the radio stars, but the internet has given them a new life and given birth to new stars.