My Meaningful Media

My Escape From the Real World

As a woman, I love flipping through women’s fashion magazines, such as InStyle and Grazia. Like most of us, I believe, I am always on the run, and my eyes are usually focused on my phone while walking through the city, so I barely pay attention to my surroundings. Whereas fashion once took place on the streets, today a lot happens on social media. In the evenings, however, I like to put my phone aside and relax from my daily routine as a working mum of three kids. That’s why I like to be inspired by magazines. Installed on the sofa alongside a glass of red wine, these magazines allow me to pick up on all the current fashion trends instead of experiencing them on the streets, as I used to do a few years ago.

I also find escape from my everyday life with the help of the ZDF media library (the video portal of a German public service television broadcaster). Here I find the Scandinavian crime series that I like (The Bridge) and the German series (e.g., Die Protokollantin, Bad Banks), which are both currently running. Crime series really fascinate me and help me relax in front of the TV. Using the media library, I am not restricted to specific times and can start as soon as the children are asleep and my husband is watching his history and wildlife documentaries on YouTube.