My Meaningful Media

Turkish TV Above All

In a world of noise, be the meaning that everybody searches for!
None of the media is meaningful if you don’t use it in a meaningful way.

When we think about the disruption in the media environment, of the thousands of messages generated we receive daily, we need to help brands reach their consumers at the right time and right place. We need to find the media moments that matter to them. We need to capture their attention at the right time and, while we are doing this, reach as many consumers as we can. In Turkey, TV has the highest penetration above all other media. There is a lot of similar content broadcast within the same time frame.

So what should we do to be noticed among these similar TV programs? How should we support it with other media? We found an important insight that is both everyone’s mutual problem in Turkey and also relevant to our product. Since we are about to lose all of our drinkable water supply in the near future, we created a scenario integrated into a popular serial about using less water while washing dishes with our brand. We showed viewers how much water they can save when they use our product. We also created a branded documentary about the same threat. We created hashtags in social media that became a number one trend topic in the world. We tried to show our brand in a meaningful way rather than showing a regular TV spot, like competitor brands in this space. By just one meaningful story, the brand became the market leader in its category.