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Adding Mentos Flavor to Gaming

After a long day at work, school, college, or even during a chill weekend, we all try to steal a few moments to escape from the daily routine by entertaining ourselves with a mobile game.

Whether we’re dealing with hardcore gamers, a group or a solo player, the aim of playing a game is to release tension, refresh the mood, create a fun challenge, or simply kill time.

Gaming is a popular entertainment activity among most ages and groups in the Middle East, notably youngsters who are by far today’s mobile addicts. Based on a Mideastmedia survey conducted among 7,575 respondents (aged 18+) in 2018, 77% play games on a phone in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) vs. 79% in the United Arab Emirates. Also, within the last few days, 4 out of the top 10 mobile apps in KSA were gaming apps (source: SimilarWeb).

Reaching gamers is a unique and relevant opportunity to associate a brand or product with fun and gaming while connecting a “playful” brand like Mentos with highly engaging and receptive audiences who seek to refresh their mood and experience tasty flavors. Communicating the freshness and sweetness of Mentos within the gaming environment will add more fun to it, as well as boost consideration and purchase intent.

We can deliver the Mentos experience and freshness to gamers by integrating the multiple flavors, colors, and product range in a customized free mobile game, in partnership with gaming experts like Gameloft. We can boost engagements by enabling top gamers to share points with other users, unlock further rewards, add new stages, and create multiplayer sessions with customized Mentos characters; all to add the Mentos flavor to gaming.