My Meaningful Media

Turkey Transitions

The agenda in Turkey is changing very rapidly. The economy has problems, politics are chaotic, and it’s the transfer season for Turkey.

In this rapidly changing situation, online web pages have become more important than traditional news sources. But what is meaningful for me? Is it all websites about the news? All sports websites? No. I specify below the ones I believe are meaningful for me. 

I support Beşiktaş, and I do not support any other team in Turkey. I want to learn updates about the only team I support, and I want to learn them faster than on traditional channels. So my meaningful sports news media are websites that are only focusing on Beşiktaş. My meaningful news websites are the ones I believe are neutral while giving news about political and economic situations.

Some selected Twitter people that I believe to be reliable are also part of my meaningful media, although we shouldn’t call them media when we think in a traditional way. I think it’s a good example of “meaningful media is not only media.”