My Meaningful Media

Confectionery Foundation

Thinking about all the meaningful brands that are out there and how people still consider them as their favorite, safe go-to brand, it makes one wonder how the media made this brand such a meaningful one. Within the confectionery industry, catching consumers’ attention and meaning at a young age is crucial. While quite young, children start consuming all the small enjoyable bites that make their dreams come to life.

Having said all the above, it’s all about being part of the journey with the children, from their first acquaintance, their first taste and, most importantly, how the brand has established itself in their mindset. It’s being associated with their everyday life that makes most of their time meaningful, i.e., celebrity endorsements and presence in schools, etc. Moreover, with all the information parents can acquire about different brands and products comes the fact that the family has told them whether or not it is a safe brand or product to use.

In conclusion, the most meaningful media for confectionery, in my opinion, is the brand’s presence in the child’s daily life, as well as how their parents portray the product. So, there is no better place for the parents to be present with their children other than educational institutes. This gives the child the right awareness and the parents the knowledge that the school is endorsing this brand, learning that this brand is something worth giving to their children.

It is a journey that starts with the children and is complemented by the parents but, in between, a lot of education and safety positioning is required, while not forgetting the fun aspect of things.