My Meaningful Media


Working in a data agency, my life is cluttered with screens. During my parental leave, I realized that switching off and taking time to opt out of looking at screens is important to retain healthy relationships and focus. My wife and I agreed on a “digital-free” Monday evening. That means every Monday after work we switch off all screens (no mobile, no TV, no laptop, no tablet). It opens up a space for us to focus on uninterrupted reading. 

My currently preferred newspaper is ZEIT. ZEIT—which translates nicely into “time”—provides long-form articles in an old-fashioned large-scale newspaper format. As a weekly, it covers politics, business, and science without the clickbait headlines and need to follow the short-term Twitter-like news cycle. Hence, it provides all the right content for a digital-free Monday evening: thorough and discussion-provoking news.