My Meaningful Media

Podcasts & Brands

I believe podcasts are an increasingly strong opportunity for brands because of the audiences they attract and the listening experiences they provide.

There are now podcasts on almost every subject, from news, to “how stuff works,” to comedy.  Because audiences are knowledge-thirsty and curious about the world around them, podcasts will only grow in reach and importance. This is especially true in the UK, where already 6.9 million adults (13% of the adult population) listen to a podcast in an average week. Many people are stretched thin and prefer on-demand media that they can tap into at whatever time works for them. Podcasts deliver this flexibility well, with the option to either stream the program or download it for later listening.

In addition, the way people experience podcasts provides a valuable opportunity for brands. Podcasts typically are enjoyed alone (90% vs. 52% for live radio), allowing brands to build a more intimate one-to-one relationship with listeners.