My Meaningful Media

Generalist Car Sites

Currently, I’m in the middle of the customer decision journey for buying a new car. All I know is that the car should be white. My husband has a more specific idea of how the car should be configured. Thus, we use different media for our research. I like to quickly scroll through or, which are popular online platforms for car shoppers. I appreciate that the information is easy to understand and clearly organized. For me, as a nonspecialist, this is very helpful.

In contrast, my husband is inspired by car magazines such as GRIP and the series The Grand Tour on Amazon Prime. Afterwards, he tells me about the latest trends and must-haves with undiminished enthusiasm. As you can imagine, this leads to lively discussions.

The market is vast, there are numerous possibilities, and it sometimes feels like a part-time job to figure out what the best decision would be. Therefore, online platforms such as are—from my point of view—meaningful, because you can gather information without being an expert. I haven’t made a final decision yet, but I’m optimistic that thanks to the car sites available online I will decide very soon.