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YouTube Influencer Winkler Róbert

Sometimes we’re too lazy to read a long article about a topic we might be interested in. Indeed, it is much easier to watch an online video by an “influencer”—the gurus of this decade.

One of my favorite YouTube influencers is Winkler Róbert, a journalist specializing in cars. He has been editor-in-chief of the popular Hungarian online magazine Totalcar for more than a decade, and he also has a traditional TV show featuring car tests. In the past few years, he has also been active on YouTube. Thanks to his professional history, Róbert’s opinions are authentic, and the manner in which he describes the cars is entertaining. Importantly, he does not hide his negative opinions. Of course, it can be dangerous for a car manufacturer to give its newest model to an influencer who will honestly detail the disadvantages of the car. However, if a manufacturer truly believes in its car, an online video made by an authentic influencer can be a meaningful communication touchpoint.