My Meaningful Media

Hobbies & InfoHub

In addition to my job and my family, there are two things on which I spend a lot of time: sports and commuting by car to work. I like bike riding and running, and there are some special-interest magazines on those topics that I read from beginning to end. My normal media consumption is driven by efficiency and I prefer short messages that give me the best level of insight. When it comes to biking and running, however, I really like to spend time reading the articles, getting more background, and enjoying a bit of time dreaming about my favorite sports.

My second area of meaningful media is connectivity in my car. I get the latest traffic information from Google, I get advice about restaurants, and I can listen to Audible books and get tips, etc. This adds meaningful value to my daily commute. Now that I have this connectivity, I like to spend extra time in my car, and I enjoy my two-hour commute much more than in the past.