My Meaningful Media

BFM 89.9

I love driving. I hate traffic. But wait. BFM does magic to alleviate the pressure and turn it to pleasure.

BFM is my #1 radio station ever, anywhere, anytime! Founded in Malaysia 10 years ago, with baby steps it brought to life the dream of founder and visionary Malek Ali. Today, BFM shapes opinion, serves the public and community well, and does an outstanding job all around. In 10 years, it has become the most iconic radio station in Malaysia, with cutting-edge interviews and analysis on topics ranging from politics and the economy to social matters, art, music, and more. Originally a business station, it has grown into a multi-platform medium that offers both knowledge and entertainment. There is not one time I have tuned in and not learned something new.

BFM is not only my medicine for the road blues, it is above all my source of information, inspiration, art, music, and more. To me, it is a classic example of a true Meaningful Brand that strongly ticks all 3 pillars of functional, personal, and collective benefits. I love it to bits and can’t live without it.

BFM: Best For Me.