My Meaningful Media

Vigyél haza

Hi, everyone. There are so many crazy people out there in the world, but have you ever met a crazy dog mom? Never? OK, no problem, here I am 😃.

The well-being of my dogs is one of the most important things in life for me, which is the same for all the other “dog pawrents” out there. If you ever happened to lose your dog, you would twist the world from its four corners to find her or him. So, we crazies were overjoyed when an application appeared in the digital sphere called Vigyél haza (“Take me home”).  

The main advantage of the application is its extensiveness, as there are multiple options that can help to make your life easier in any dog-related area:

  • You can share information about a lost dog you have found on the street.
  • You can locate places that have microchip readers to help reunite a lost dog with his or her family.
  • You can upload photos of a dog available for adoption.
  • You can discover which hotels/restaurants/bars/cafes allow your four-legged companion to join you so that you can spend time out together.
  • You can learn about dog first aid.
  • You can even find dates (for dogs and their pawrents) to enjoy a wonderful walk together.

We, the dog pawrents, will always fight, as Don Quixote did, and never give up on making the world better for our dogs, so initiatives such as this application should be considered as Meaningful Media because they add to our lives on multiple levels.