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Car-Sharing Apps

With my car sitting in the parking lot for about 23 hours a day after I moved into the middle of the city a few weeks ago, I decided to sell my beloved vehicle. But what will I do in the future if I need a car? Quite simply, I’ll register with SHARE NOW—the merger of mobility solutions Car2Go and DriveNow—and download the app. Then I will always have a car exactly when I need it and won’t have to worry about TÜV or inspections, paying parking tickets, or changing tires. And because I always have my phone with me, I can easily track the nearest available car and just drive off.

If I want to go farther away and the trains are too expensive, there are carpool apps, such as BlaBlaCar, through which I can book my ride within minutes with my mobile phone. And, of course, there is the environmental aspect: The car-sharing providers now also offer electric cars. In the long run, I can now contribute to a cleaner city with better air when sharing a car with others, which is also important to me.