My Meaningful Media

TV. What Else?

For me, the most relevant media still has to be TV. Who among us does not dedicate, after work, a few hours to being informed and entertained, and to disconnecting in front of this device?

It’s part of most homes and our daily habits. We eat some grapes while watching it, we meet our friends to see that exciting final of the World Cup, and we continue to cheer during an F1 race.

TV is a medium with great audiovisual force that allows brands to show the best of their products–not only with images, but also with a slogan that is remembered year after year or a jingle that you cannot get out of your head.

Of course, consumption has changed a lot in recent years. Channels such as Netflix and Movistar have more and more weight. TV is seen more individually and on different devices.

TV advertising is also changing. Movistar is an example of this, having launched a project to customize ads based on a viewer’s consumption and tastes.

We are in a moment of change and everything will take time, but, even if it is different, TV will continue to be fundamental in our day-to-day lives.