My Meaningful Media

Kia Valora

Not long ago I attended the launch of Spain’s first social network specializing in automobiles—an app through which professionals and amateurs share content, organize stays, etc. And I thought. . .really? Is this (the car industry, the automotive media) to be stretched out that much? And the answer is yes, because there are people behind the platform who care. . .a lot.

After one’s home, a car is probably the most important expense a person will face. It’s logical that such a decision should not be made lightly, but are we really pondering what matters when choosing a brand? What is it that makes us choose one brand over another?

One of the most influential touchpoints are the opinions and recommendations of family and friends. How can a car brand amplify those opinions? Social networks have not always been free of risks, and the specialized press has been diluted across magazines, online forums, blogs, and influencers. The traditional references are losing their importance.

That’s why a site such as Kia Valora is so meaningful. It lets people see in real time the grades its consumers have given to each car model. It adds value to the purchase decision.