My Meaningful Media


The number of drivers who have never needed help from a tow service? Almost zero. The vast majority (myself included) have been in the not-so-pleasant situation of being betrayed by a four-wheeled friend on the road. With an average car age of 14 years, Serbia gives you an even bigger chance that you will need this kind of help at some point. When this happens, you have two options: call a friend or try to reach one of the old-fashioned and expensive car-towing services. At least that was the case until recently.

Last year, a team of self-taught developers and digital media enthusiasts launched the VOZZi app. It is pretty much an Uber for road help during car emergencies. The app teams up more than 40 partners who are always ready to jump in and solve any automotive inconvenience.

The app is meaningful to me even though I haven’t yet had a chance to use it in an emergency situation (luckily). The overall sense that I have additional assurance and help from the nearest possible location is positive in itself. Also, it is the first mile on a very long road of digitalization for the car service industry, which has really needed a breakthrough like this one.