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Nontraditional Marketing

In a world full of ads and messages, one needs to stand out by grabbing attention in nonconventional ways. Two of my favorite examples come from Hyundai.

To reach a young audience, Hyundai Motor Slovakia placed its i30 N hot hatchbacks into hip-hop music videos, which are usually filled with luxury cars. With this nontraditional approach, they introduced the brand to the new generation, replacing the image of “affordable car” from their father’s era with the innovative and cool brand that is Hyundai today.

Another initiative presented the brand’s vision and attitude. Slovakia recently elected its first female president, but there are apparently still lots of people who believe that women can’t park a car properly. On International Women’s Day, Hyundai showed people how prejudices tend to cloud our thinking by creating a video of “a woman parking” with an unexpected twist at the end. The reactions broke the Slovak Internet.

This is Locco is the author / idea maker for both campaigns.