My Meaningful Media

Football Clubs

“Fußball, das sind wir alle.”

Nothing in Germany is more important and relevant than football. Whether we are talking about the Bundesliga or an international match, football touches people’s hearts. But is it, therefore, a meaningful media platform for consumers? The answer to this question must clearly be “Yes.”

Given the sport’s ability to enhance emotional intensity, sense of unity, and competition, it makes sense that each club has several premium sponsors. In addition to below-the-line activities, such as PR, logo integration on jerseys, and perimeter advertising, 360° packages also contain above-the-line activities. It is not uncommon for the partnership between a club and an advertiser to be communicated via media channels—e.g., in a TV spot where well-known players offer testimonials for an electric shaver. In January 2019, Volkswagen and the DFB (German Futbol Association) entered a new partnership. With a joint media appearance, both brands communicated a clear team spirit–“Fußball, das sind wir alle” (Futbol, that’s what we all are) — over several media channels, including TV, OOH, print, and online. In general, such cooperation is not perceived as advertising but more of an image shaper and a meaningful driver for the brand.