My Meaningful Media

Women’s Magazines

Almost 10 years ago, I started my automotive career with Hyundai and Kia. At that time, I tried to polish my knowledge of cars by reading automotive magazines such as Auto Motor und Sport and Autozeitung, focusing on tons of detailed data. Those technical details always felt very distant to me and my personal situation, but they helped me catch up with my petrolhead clients and colleagues. Still today, whenever I search for fresh input, I refer to these magazines and websites.  

Nevertheless, I must admit that reading articles written by female automotive editors describing their experience with the various car models moves me much more than reading articles by male writers. This type of editorial content is rarely found in the male-dominated automotive magazine sector, so I have to turn to classic women’s media products to find these articles. Being in a relaxed, leisure-time situation, browsing my favorite women’s magazines, and reading about the newest car launch or feature is what I am most keen on—keeping in mind that these articles often overemphasize the car’s interior and exterior design and focus less on the engine specifications.  

The big difference between reading about cars in women’s magazines occasionally compared with reading about them in dedicated car magazines is that in the environment of a non-automotive title, I am not in a thirst-for-knowledge mode. I want to be inspired and am open to reading about something completely new, without reservation. The insights are easier to relate to my personal situation and therefore stay longer in my memory and have more influence on my attitudes and behaviors. That I have the choice of either source, however, makes sure my satisfaction is complete.