My Meaningful Media

Video Killed the Radio Star

Video is very powerful. YouTube video blogs are a good example of this power, but what I like the most are documentaries. They expose. They reveal. They make us think. They are fire starters. There are lots of them out there—about mass media, social media, data, legal implications, capitalism, crypto-anarchism…lots of new topics, and not just about the history of the world but also about the last 10 years in the history of humanity and our concerns in this social media world.

What about you? What about us? The customer is an invisible segment and a faceless cluster of people. Social media are managed by people, for people. But like any other media, we must stop and rethink who the target is. We are starting to fear a Black Mirror-ish world where we are alienated by tech.

Media is about us. Word of mouth is now escalated by media, but we cannot forget that we are behind it. The core business of Google and Facebook is advertising. And they are successful because of us. We use these platforms, and we give them our personal data. We are learning how to manage all this data and use it properly.

We are the origin of the thought, the sender of the message. We can amplify the message, through all media, more than ever. We can check whether information is accurate and truthful, and we can verify its origin. Now more than ever, we need to develop critical thinking. What about you, what about a brand? Are you meaningful? Are you accountable and aware of this new society that’s at hand? What is your role here? Are you helping to make this place a better world? More than ever, brands and people together have an opportunity to accelerate this improvement.

Now imagine this text with a powerful video and the right audio. Makes you think, right?

Everything could start with a video…