My Meaningful Media

BBC Radio 6

I’m an analog adult—or, should I say, a kid raised in an analog world that turned digital.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not going to start bemoaning the changes that MP3s, iPods, and Spotify have brought about; they are wonderful inventions that have made my listening experiences more colorful. What I love in particular is continuous accessibility to any type of music whenever I want, depending on how I am feeling. The problem with this, however, is that I have gotten greedy. No longer do I invest the time that is properly due an album or podcast; instead, I fast-forward, selectively listen, drop in and out, and, in short, destroy the craft or integrity of something that was created with love, to be appreciated with time.

To overcome this constant channel-changing, I realized I needed to listen to something with a chronology over which I had no control and a narrative all its own: a medium in which I was a passenger instead of the driver. This led me back to my favorite radio station from my student days, BBC Radio 6, which every morning plays a mix of eclectic and tuneful favorites from my youth, guided by the outstanding skills and intelligent patter of the DJs I grew up with, who are now shaping the next generation of listeners.

The best time to do this? Every workday morning, to get in the groove—the audio equivalent of a cup of tea to help me wake up and set a rhythm for the rest of the day.

I know some may mutter, “Well, I have podcasts for that.” But you can’t fast-forward through a live broadcast; you just have to let it unfold.

So tune in and enjoy the journey.