My Meaningful Media


Working in the media business can be rather chaotic—something is always happening, you never really stop, it’s a race against time. And what do we mostly save time on? Eating. Lunch is usually about grabbing a quick bite. Often, after a tiring day all you want to do is eat some food that is good as well as healthy.

The quickest and most obvious solution would be to find a cool restaurant, which is not difficult for me since downtown Budapest is packed with new and sexy places. Sounds good, but it’s challenging to find a restaurant that is not full and is also perfect for the whole family. Usually there’s nothing left to do but try to cook a delicious dinner at home.

On the way to the grocery store, you try to improvise. I’m pretty choosy: I don’t eat meat and there are vegetables I can’t stand, while for the rest of my family a meal without meat is just an appetizer. You might think about hundreds of recipes but still not find the right one. The majority you have cooked recently, while the rest either require some special ingredients you definitely won’t find in the shop or take hours to cook. At this moment, you run out of ideas and become completely uninspired. You check your mobile, browsing for recipes, but no luck.

To avoid such disappointing situations, Nosalty (the leading recipe and food site owned by Central Media Group, one of the biggest online and print publishing companies in Hungary) has come up with a solution: It recently launched an app that is a great help to home cooks.

Open the app, choose a recipe that sounds good, add the ingredients needed to your shopping list (skip any ingredients that you have at home), and complete your shopping faster than ever before, as the ingredients are even grouped by product category.

When you get home, switch to the app’s “cooking mode,” which has a special feature: You can control your mobile without touching the screen. If you need to scroll, you just hover your hand over the screen and it will move to the next page. After a delicious dinner, all you need to do is wash the dishes. Your mobile stays clean!