My Meaningful Media


Once upon a time there was a digital content platform called In just a few months of life, it would form part of a subculture movement that challenged the status quo with its own rules and principles.

As the creator of the platform, I established a purpose to help people disconnect by deactivating all the windows that connect us to the outside (and yet not disconnect from ourselves). Even for a few minutes.

Now our purpose has become a real movement. We’re in a crisis of attention. Digital business models often rely on maximizing our time spent online to maximize their revenue. But carrying the bottomless temptation of the internet in our pockets threatens to leave us distracted, less educated, and depressed. We’ve evolved to crave dopamine hits from brilliant lights and fast information, but never before have we had such an endless supply. Tech giants understand this situation and are now starting to take responsibility for helping us balance that with living our own lives. Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Apple have developed time-management tools on their platforms to educate people about responsible consumption. For me, this is what it means to be a meaningful medium.

The virtual world is the future, and that future will be very difficult to stop. But, as far as is possible, I invite you to enjoy humanity and live the digital life in moderation. I can only say that it’s time to close your computer and spend time with a friend to eat, laugh, or do whatever you want.

Be human and may siesta be with you.