My Meaningful Media

It’s Just an Insta Story

If one platform stands out in social media, it’s Instagram. It changed everything. At a time when Facebook is evolving into bubbles of information from advertisers and brands, Instagram has shaped an entirely new user behavior.

It’s all about stories—because content is still king. But there is much more to these stories than just short snippets of content. They are snippets taken directly from our lives. From the lives of our friends. And even from the lives of our favorite stars and icons. In a time in which we sometimes feel terribly separated and isolated, short-lived and “dead” friendships are suddenly being rekindled. We’re again taking part in the lives of people we haven’t seen for ages, or with whom we haven’t talked for so long that it would be rather awkward to enter into a conversation. But now we’re reacting with little flames, hearts, or comments to their stories.

People become influencers, building communities and completely new social groups around common interests. All because they create. Frequently and quickly. Because we want to consume everything. And we want it fast.

While it began as a visual, artistic platform, Instagram has now completely taken over our time, our likes, and our lives—and displaced Facebook, Twitter, & Co. as our go-to social media platform of trust. At least until this much-adored medium becomes another Facebook for which we’d love to have an alternative. Until then, Instagram remains #mymeaningfulmedia.