My Meaningful Media

Le SAV de la F1

As far back as I can recall, I have memories of race cars. Without a doubt, my favorite memory is the never-ending conversation between my father and his business partner discussing which race-car driver was the best. It was a ceaseless conversation—because the beauty of this sport is that there is no objective truth; only your truth and your ability to plead your case on behalf of your idol. Sometimes these driver-vs.-driver battles lasted longer than the actual race.

Now that I have moved to a big city, far from family, these conversations are no longer part of my daily routine, despite my ability to see family members via our screens. And that’s a real loss for a big racing fan like me.
But behind every frustration lies a hidden solution. I found mine on my iPhone’s podcast app. As I explored podcasts, I started to lose myself in the gigantic list of choices, just like when I first discovered the App Store. But I continued to explore, enjoying the many possibilities in front of me.

Then I realized there might be guys just like me, who want to talk about race cars, to “fight” about race cars. So, I went deeper and deeper into the long trail of podcasts, and I managed to find the perfect one: a podcast made by real fans for real fans, with an extra-long format and an extra dose of passion.

I still miss the hours-long discussions with my father, but now whenever I feel a thirst for furious debate, I just pick up my iPhone and Le SAV de la F1 is there to quench it!