My Meaningful Media


Good ol’ Facebook.

Call me old-fashioned, but the only app I have both on my mobile devices and my laptop is Facebook. This simple fact shows that I use it. I would not say I use it a lot, but I am using it consistently.

In the decade since I signed up, my usage habits and the platform itself have changed.

I remember my shock when I realized for the first time that Facebook is a place where basically all my connections from across the seas are available—some with an uncontrolled flow of personal content, some with a very cautious attitude and in ghost mode. After getting used to this whole new space, I started connecting with long-time-no-sees and discovering unexpected connections across friendship networks.

Later on came a time when strangers began to connect, discovering the underlying opportunities for business and other ventures. This was when I thought the beginning of the end—at least for Facebook and me being together—was close.

Now I consider it the end of the beginning. As time moves on, I can admit I barely use Facebook for any personal relationships. It is good to know I can connect with those I need to, but I rarely do. I have other platforms available for that.

Facebook is extremely meaningful to me now because of the incredible amount of information available and the customizable nature of the platform. I can filter the content that really matters to me. I use it as my calendar for sporting and cultural events, my number-one daily newsfeed, my bucket list inspiration, and, thanks to lookalike targeting and friends’ activities, a never-ending source of possibilities and knowledge. I could scroll the Net for hours a day to find new sources, but to make a good cyberspace–human life balance, I feel the Facebook platform meets my needs perfectly.