My Meaningful Media

Resident Advisor

One of the best benefits of technology is its ability to help you go deep into any subject that has meaning to you.

I am passionate about music and especially electronic music. I feel like an active part of the electronic culture, and I’m always looking to stay on top of what is happening on the local and global scenes.

I’ve found that Resident Advisor (RA) is the best platform to keep me updated about new artists, parties, and content related to the electronic scene. It is an exhaustive platform where I can find referrals on everything from movies to new songs. Indeed, RA has a podcast collection with more than 400 setlists from the best DJs in the world.

A few years ago, RA released RA Guide, an incredible app that lets you find the best gigs in a city, as voted on by people who live there. I have already found events in various parts of the world, from Istanbul to Lima.

I can say that with Resident Advisor, I have found a partner that enables me to update and expand my knowledge about what happens on the local and global electronic scene.