My Meaningful Media

Last Week Tonight

Imagine it is Sunday night. With the prospect of a tough week ahead, you just want to relax during the last remaining hours of your weekend. If you could decide whether to watch a show about the very important topic of nuclear weapons for the next 20 minutes or go to bed, what would you do? Well, I can tell you that I would stay tuned…if John Oliver was elaborating on the topic.

The host of HBO’s comedy news program Last Week Tonight has managed to do what so many tried before him. He hypnotizes and fascinates the masses by turning boring topics, such as corporate taxes, net neutrality, retirement plans, or Argentina’s debt crisis, into something that is entertaining and easy to digest.

John Oliver has had an impact on the way people think about what is happening around the world. Although you might assume that a certain topic has nothing to do with you, Oliver will explain why you and the entire world should care. His influence goes even further, as he has managed to directly inspire local governments and legislators to push for new laws. News outlets refer to his style of presenting hard-to-digest topics as having a so-called “John Oliver Effect–real-life and impactful investigations presented by a funny looking, bespectacled anchorman with a British accent.

Last Week Tonight started in 2014 and has made history ever since. Countless nominations and awards—such as the Critics’ Choice Television Awards, MTV Movie & TV Awards, and Primetime Emmy Awards, among others—testify to John Oliver’s meaningful contributions: educating the masses and delivering wake-up calls that increase public interest and help change perceptions.

So, if you don’t mind, I would like to go back to HBO’s programming right now because Last Week Tonight’s latest episode is about to air. Maybe this time it will be about the Cameroonian presidential elections. Who knows?