My Meaningful Media


Upon waking in the morning I groggily bellow, “Alexa, turn on my lights.” As the Philips Hue lights flicker on, I follow up with “Alexa, play DC101 on TuneIn”—my Washington, DC-based hometown rock station. I walk into the bathroom, flash a toothy smile, and say a courteous “Thanks, Babe.”

I fill my Mighty Mug, purchased previously on Amazon Prime, with coffee, and as I walk to work I turn on The Last Kingdom on Audible (which I had also watched the night before on Amazon Prime Video).

I could keep going for 500 words, but you get it. Amazon owns everything, and Amazon certainly owns me!

In fact, Havas might as well skip the middle man and directly deposit my paycheck into Amazon. The funny thing is, while I jest, it’s only a matter of time until Amazon enters banking. As a gambling man, I bet it’ll happen before 2030. Any takers? I mean, look, it is about to revolutionize the health space. Who the hell saw that coming? In a few years, you can expect cheaper pharmaceuticals, cheaper doctors’ visits, etc., all thanks to Amazon.

Amazon is the expert at evaluating an industry, understanding it, reimagining it, maximizing diversity in product, and minimizing waste. It is a leader in e-commerce, food, music, video, advertising (its fastest growing business, as evidenced by the fact that it doubled its number of sponsored search ads in the last year to the value of $2.2 billion), audio books, connected devices, shipping and, most recently, cloud-based computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

But I don’t anticipate it stopping here. For our generation and the generation to come, Amazon will be a cure-all, a panacea. In fact, Time recently predicted the 7 things Amazon will be selling by 2028.

A quick taste:

  1. A New World of Prescription Drugs: 3D-printed pharmaceuticals will enable hyper-individualized medication (for example, a doctor may prescribe 100 or 200 mg, but the ideal dose for you might be 147 mg on that specific day; the level of precision is revolutionary).
  2. The Next Generation of Bitcoin: Amazon buyers can build up Amazon points, which are actually digital cash. Eventually, this cash will become a cryptocurrency that allows owners to not only buy services and products, but also to invest in companies, ventures, etc.

On the flip side, I also own Amazon—its stock. In 2017 I bought a couple of shares at $700, which are now valued at $1,600. That’s absurd growth. Even though I’ve spent a significant amount on Amazon’s products, it has given back by nearly offsetting what I’ve spent. I’m holding on for the long haul, as Amazon will continue to innovate and revolutionize industries.

Suffice it to say, Amazon and I are in good standing. Our meaningful relationship should last a lifetime.

Pro tip: Make sure to use Amazon through Ebates, as you will get 2–10% cash back on most purchases.