My Meaningful Media

“It’s All About Enjoying Yourself Along the Way”*

If I must choose, my top three meaningful media relate to music, television, and books. To be specific, they are a mixture of the modern (music and TV [OTT]) and the traditional (real books!).

Yes, Spotify, Netflix, and books are media I cannot live without. They keep me entertained throughout the day, and I always carry them in my bag.

Spotify is the most used app on my iPhone. In the morning it serves as background music while my family and I prepare for the day. It also provides entertainment on the drive to work and keeps me company at the office. For better sound quality, I usually hook up to speakers. During my daily commute, I normally connect to both my car’s audio system and my Apple Watch, so I can rewind and fast-forward easily. I have downloaded thousands of songs, which are mostly favorites from my youth. Two playlists—“Tizzy’s” and “Favorites”—are the ones I frequently use. Also, combining Spotify with Shazam works great! Shazam helps me find song titles I have forgotten, and Spotify provides song lists of bands I plan to see live. I simply search and save to my playlist, and voilà!

TV series! Yes, I’m crazy about TV series. While blockbuster movies are more enjoyable in cinemas, TV series are better viewed on Netflix. Thanks to the app’s download feature, I can consume them most anytime, anywhere. I usually watch them during long-haul flights, when commuting by public transportation, before bed, and just while waiting anywhere.

I’ve loved reading since I was a kid: comic books, fiction, nonfiction—you name it. The psychological thriller is now my favorite genre. As with my Netflix viewing, I usually read while traveling (long-haul flights/public transportation), before bed, and during my free time on weekends. But unlike my use of Spotify and Netflix, which are modern ways of consuming media, I prefer physical books to e-books. Why? Because they’re easier to read and, most importantly, I love my book collection—and the satisfaction that comes from gazing at my bookshelves! Weird? Hmm, maybe I’m just a bibliophile. Currently, I’m reading my 34th book of 2018! Yay!

Spotify, Netflix, and books. They always keep me company and serve as positive distractions to help me enjoy my routine along the way.

*A quote by Thelma A. Meyer