My Meaningful Media


I remember when my BlackBerry fever ended in 2010. There was this really cool app that all my friends were talking about, and I wasn’t able to download it because it was only available for iOS. I must admit, at that point I suffered from FOMO (fear of missing out). It wasn’t long after that I bought my first iPhone, and the first thing I did was to download Instagram—the app that was, and still is, revolutionizing my generation.

Back then, the exclusivity of having an Instagram profile made the app more interesting to millennials. The visual nature of the app—the ability to edit and upload photos—has allowed many people to fully express their talent. Some use Instagram as their photo gallery, while others, like me, carefully select good photos to upload.

I have seen the evolution and adaptation of Instagram to its constantly evolving community, and, in my opinion, the app has changed how society acts. Food lovers became #foodies, memories became #throwbacks, and public figures became #influencers.

I carry my phone everywhere I go, and Instagram is always there. Since I first downloaded the app, there hasn’t been a day I haven’t browsed through my feed, liked a photo, or searched for something of interest. The social media platform brings me closer to my favorite brands, businesses, and celebrities; most important, it brings me closer to my family and friends who live far away. For me, this makes it meaningful.