My Meaningful Media


I dread to think how many times a day I open the Instagram app, but there is clearly a reason I find myself there so many times a day.

When life feels like it’s flashing before your eyes, Insta is the best way to keep up to date with the world’s happenings in a visualized format. It is a guilty pleasure, escapism at its finest! From my favorite fashion brands to the recipe channels I use for daily inspiration, to my friends and family, there is such a vast mix of content every time I refresh my feed. I know that each post speaks to me for a different reason, and I have specifically asked for it to be on my feed (minus the odd ad 😉 ). The platform provides insight into so many different worlds and keeps consumers curious / wanting more.

Something that I have utilized more recently is the ability to tap into the knowledge of other users. Recently I found myself following an Indian travel blogger when planning a trip to India for next year. Most of my plans for when I am there—or when I go anywhere, to be honest—begin with inspiration from Instagram. Similarly, a number of new recipes I make are ones I have gotten from the likes of Mob Kitchen, using their Hyperlapse video recipes to whip up something tasty.

The platform genuinely gives me so much joy. Perhaps it is an addiction, but it’s the media that is most meaningful to me.