My Meaningful Media

In Search of Substance

In this digital age we live in, it is unbelievable how many of us choose to engage with others and communicate ideas through social media. And, in turn, how many of us are influenced by the same media. But do you still feel you are communicating through social media platforms in a meaningful way?

I scroll through pages of suggested posts and ads on my Facebook or Instagram account and can barely find a single piece of unique, meaningful content. I feel even more frustrated when I notice highly regarded artists having significantly less engagement than “Instagram celebrities” who post nothing more than airbrushed versions of their everyday lives.

Have we already reached the point where the media platforms that were once about inspiration, creativity, and storytelling have become a meaningless beauty-pageant shop filled with pictures of other people’s meals, outfits, and places to shop? Has it become more important to spend time documenting our lives than actually living them?

When you observe how many of us get caught in “comparison burnout,” incessantly judging our lives against those of others, it may give you pause.

So, do I decide to opt out of social media as a result?

No. I choose to fuel my media presence with quality content and meaningful communication in an effort to see the return of the social media environment I originally fell in love with.