My Meaningful Media

Friends (TV)

While there is a huge amount of media to choose from, there is one medium that stands out and means the most to me. It all began around 1994, when Friends first began to air. I was very young when it started, and I didn’t fully understand all the jokes back then, but I loved the way my family would be in fits of laughter at every episode, even if someone had had a bad day or if they were just being moody! The show really taught me from a young age how important and powerful humor is, and I have valued it ever since. And not just any humor, but sarcasm in particular. I love to see people happy, laughing, and joking around (even better if they’re laughing at themselves); everyone feels AWESOME after a good laugh!

It’s been around 14 years since the show ended, and I still enjoy hearing people talk about their favorite episodes and quoting it like it’s a different language. I can always count on an episode of Friends to make me feel better (thanks to Netflix and Comedy Central)!

All in all, the show has brought so much happiness into my life. Each character has taught me many life lessons, such as: Don’t worry about what other people think of you (Phoebe), how not to count when getting a fake tan (Ross), the miracle of sarcasm (Chandler), how to be independent (Rachel), how to proudly play the hostess (Monica), and why you should never lie on your résumé (Joey)!