My Meaningful Media


I swear, the skies parted and the sun came out the first time I listened to the Real Housewives breakdown podcast, Bitch Sesh. The podcast was recommended to me by a close friend. “Don’t think. Just listen,” she texted. That’s how I discovered a weekly podcast series hosted by two comedians and Bravo superfans that may just be the most enjoyable thing I’ve heard through earbuds in my life. Each week when I tune in, it feels like the two hosts and I are three old friends, out at a bar, sharing bottles of wine and deep belly laughs. And while in my head I am out to drinks with two best friends, it’s usually just me on a crowded train or in the shampoo aisle of CVS, abruptly breaking into an uncontrollable laughing fit. Yes, it is strange behavior, but I couldn’t be happier.

I get excited when the hosts, Casey and Danielle, begin each episode by recounting their week and it feels as though I’m right there with them, waiting to hear about antics from a parent-teacher conference or an appointment with their psychic. Occasionally, I find myself cramming in episodes of Real Housewives late at night, simply so that I will be up to speed once the newest episode drops that Thursday. Who would have thought a recap show would be what I look forward to more than the actual program?

And, for me, being a loyal “Sesher” isn’t just about the podcast itself; it’s also about the joy of being part of the community of Seshers on Facebook and at live events. Yes, most other listeners begin as strangers in the chair next to me at the hair salon, but at the mere mention of a simple inside joke from the podcast (“Jovani!” “I’m not going to take that on!”), we become fast friends. I also develop a newfound love for the show’s weekly guest, who is usually a celebrity closeted by their deep love of Real Housewives. Who would have known actor Jerry O’Connell and New York Times bestselling author Roxane Gay are also impassioned Bravo fans?

My love for Bitch Sesh has transcended from simply being “a show I love” into “self-identity” territory. So don’t call me on Thursday night…I’m busy!