My Meaningful Media

Condé Nast Traveller UK

In our industry, trust is everything. It’s the foundation of what we do, deliver and decide for our clients, partners, publishers, peers and, of course, the end consumer. But trust is hard to earn and even harder to keep. With so much information and content available, it can be incredibly hard for a brand to earn and grow a relationship with a trusted follower. As a consumer, finding a source of content that you genuinely trust is equally treacherous, especially in a world of fake news and lack of content integrity.

But when you do find something to trust, I find it generally comes down to doing several key things well: Authenticity, Quality, and Commitment. And keeping this consistent.

In turn, when all these elements change trust, a meaningful connection is created. Whether that’s between a publisher and reader, a brand and consumer, or an actor and a fan. You know what you are going to get, you know that you’ll like it, you know it’s always reliable, and you know you’ll come back for more.

I feel this way about Condé Nast Traveller UK. For over a decade, the website and magazine has kept my full trust–and I am a pretty fussy reader and advocate. I use it whenever I travel, which is quite a bit, and it’s always my first port of call. I have never been disappointed or let down and I consider it to be my friendly travel companion. I trust it so much I will send friends pages, links, and recommendations, even when I haven’t been there myself. I have always had overwhelmingly great feedback. 

But one trusted source isn’t the same for all people; these things are of course subjective. I know Condé Nast Traveller UK suits me because we share the same values of what a quality recommendation is and what authentic travel journalism looks like. We are both committed to seeking out the best travel experiences around the world. That value exchange is the essence of trust, and that communication is the holy grail we all search for.