My Meaningful Media

Twitter & Podcasts: A Unique Pairing

What an odd combination one would think, but a combination of both Twitter and podcasts are my meaningful media.

Twitter has become my source for current news and is extremely convenient when I want to catch up on current affairs and happenings in the media world – all in one place. Of course, it comes with the baggage of trolls and opinions that may not matter but I see that as a part of the platform, that’s inevitable.

While awareness of trending news and happenings is seemingly the functional benefit of Twitter, what draws me to this medium is, over a period of time, I have seen people use it as an antidote to their loneliness while they are on their own or traveling.

I was pleasantly surprised to observe that Twitter as a medium has managed to bring together communities of people with the same set of beliefs, adding a whole new level of “meaning” and becoming an intricate part of their lives. A platform which enables you to express yourself with those who share a similar thought process, political views, or interests definitely builds an affinity for itself.

Podcasts – while we are all aware that voice is the next leap of growth for digital, I find that podcasts are a great nonintrusive source of information. The good part is you can listen to a podcast while doing something else like walking or running, saving time while at the same time enjoying the benefits of both.

My favorite one so far has been “How I Built This” by Guy Raz, which beautifully tracks entrepreneurial journeys and is very inspirational. While I may have come late to the podcast party, I believe it is still at a very nascent stage in India but one that’s here to stay and grow.