My Meaningful Media


I’ve always been a radio fan. It’s been there almost every day of my life.

As a teenager, at a time when the internet didn’t yet exist, I first tuned in to radio for the music, to listen to the latest pop rock hits. I was set on two stations essentially, and as I grew up radio kept on adapting to my tastes and evolving needs for news, new music genres, late-night talks, etc. There was always a radio station whose style I could connect with, that talked about the things I liked, or that was right for the mood I was in or the moment of the day. And there still is.

But just as with live TV, you tuned in and had no real choice other than listening to what was on. No catch-up, no on-demand. And then…podcasts! What do you mean I can now listen to specific programs when and whenever I want? This new experience has literally added an extra amount of knowledge to my life. The number of interesting, stimulating, and enriching podcasts out there is mind boggling. There’s a podcast for almost anything.

I use audio podcasts and, as a radio lover, my favorite ones are from French radio station France Culture. They help me understand the complexity and variety of the world we live in. They are kind of similar to the TED Talks podcasts, and I get the incredible opportunity to hear some very bright people talk about science-y things, technology, geopolitics, history, economics, arts, and a lot more.

This podcast time is meaningful to me because I always learn something new, inspiring, or useful. And it happens on my own time, either on a train, while queuing somewhere, or while cooking at home. And it’s free. Yes, unlimited, free, on-demand quality food for your brain at your fingertips. There’s no catch.

I have kids who are growing up with ubiquitous digital screens and apps sucking up a lot of their attention, but they also enjoy listening to the radio in their bedrooms. I hope tomorrow they get hooked on quality podcasts too!