Brand safety, fake news, big data, digital disruption, consumer confusion: there’s a lot going on within media for brands and agencies to tackle.

To cut through this clutter, we need to really understand the media landscape today.

This portal, a window into our exploration of what we call Meaningful Media, aims to explore what matters.

We want to be able to speak to our clients, as well as our media partners and platforms, about the value of media brands in the marketplace globally. How are they creating value for audiences and how are audiences receiving that value?

How trusted are media brands? How do they create engagement and loyalty? How influential are certain media brands in changing perceptions or driving purchase? In other words, what does Meaningful Media look like – media that’s valuable, engaging, and effective?

This site represents an open journey. We’re curating articles that we think showcase media that’s meaningful, we’re sharing opinions in our own writing, and we’re interviewing media owners – publishers, salespeople, editors – about how they are creating meaning.

This exploration is meant to guide our thinking with our clients and make our media plans more effective.

We hope you enjoy the journey, contribute and share, and help us on our mission to identify #meaningfulmedia.